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Welcome to Tough Jets; the home of the T-14 prop. Jet. The T-14 was designed to be tough, agile, maneuverable, aerobatic, and yet it is easy to fly. It’s strong and crash resistant airframe is made from EPP foam and corrugated plastic.

The T-14 delivers performance that would put a smile on any fighter pilots face. Whether it is climbing vertically or doing a high speed, low level pass you will find the T-14 performs like a jet, yet pull back on the throttle, and the T-14 will fly slower than most park flyers. This versatile design and wide speed envelope allows the plane to slow to speeds just above a hover allowing for Harrier like landings.

Although we consider the T-14 a kit, it can be built in an afternoon, approximately 4 hours, less time than most ARF’s! (SEE INSTRUCTION MANUAL IN THE SUPPORT SECTION OF THIS SITE) The T-14 Kit is available in white or air superiority gray. You supply the paint or finishing materials of your choice.

So grab your flight helmet, and prepare for your next mission in your T-14.

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White Gray

Wingspan 31 in Weight 2lbs
Length 41.75 in Radio 3 Channel *
Wing Area 615 sq in Motor Brushless *
Propeller 9 X 6 * Battery 11.1v 2200mah 30c *
* Not included in kit - refer to Support section for more information.

For any questions please contact us at Support@ToughJets.com Support@ToughJets.com