Tough Jets Replacement parts

ToughJets Motor $30.00
A2814-6 Brushless Outrunner Motor for T-14 or T-15
Use this motor with 2-3 cell Li-Poly packs and 9-10 inch props on planes up to 67 oz flying weight. Manufacturer recommends a 9.5x5 prop on 3-cells. Roughly equivalent to .22 2-stroke or .32 4-stroke glow engines. The motor features a 4mm hardened steel shaft, dual ball bearings for the shaft and has 4.0mm gold spring male connectors with female connectors included for your speed control. Also includes accessory package with the pictured aluminum radial cross mount set with 8mm prop adapter. Mounting holes are spaced 19mm on center and are tapped for 3mm (M3) screws.
ToughJets Speed control $18.00
40A Brushless ESC plus BEC
Low resistance
8khz PWM
For 4-10 NiCd/NiMH cells, 2-3 Li-Poly Cells
50A Max
User programmable brake
User programmable low-voltage cutoff type (Lipo or NiCD/NiMH)
Throttle range self-adjusting
Soft start ramp up
Auto motor cutoff with reset
Safe power arming program ensures motor will not run accidentally after turn on
Auto shut down when signal is lost
Max RPM: 40,000 RPM with 14 pole motor
ToughJets Tough Jets power system $45.00
Save when you purchase this Tough Jets power system combo!!
ToughJets NEW Tough Jets T-15 Red $85.00 Kit
ToughJets NEW Tough Jets T-15 Blue $85.00
ToughJets NEW Tough Jets T-15 White $85.00 Kit
ToughJets NEW Tough Jets T-15 Grey $85.00
ToughJets Tough Jets T-14 V White $79.00 Kit
ToughJets Tough Jets T-14 V Grey $79.00
ToughJets T-15 fuselage
ToughJets T-15 (2)Nacelles $21.00
ToughJets T-15 Wing
ToughJets T-15 Vertical Stabilizers $10.00
ToughJets T-14 fuselage
ToughJets Tough Jets Motor mount $6.00
ToughJets T-14 (2)Nacelles $20.00
ToughJets Tough Jets Canopy
ToughJets T-14 V Wing
ToughJets Tough Jets Hardware
ToughJets T-14 Vertical Stab $10.00
ToughJets 9x6 Standard nitro prop $4.50

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